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Corey Taylor is working with Dawn Of The Dead artist on new Slipknot mask

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Slipknot are preparing to unleash their new studio album in the coming months.

We had the first taste of their new material in October last year, when the band launched the single All Out Life.

Not only are fans eager to hear more material from the Iowa heavyweights, but they’re also desperate to see the new masks the band will wear once they hit the road this summer – especially after frontman Corey taylor teased his new creation just before Christmas.

Taylor has now shed a little more light on that aspect in an interview on the Let There Be Talk show.

The vocalist says: “We work with different people. We worked with Screaming Mad George for the longest time. He’s an effects guy from Japan. He did a lot of the special effects for Big Trouble In Little China – he did a lot of that stuff. He’s a maniac, he’s an amazing artist. 

“He did the masks for us, for IowaVolume 3, he did a little work with us on All Hope Is Gone.

“But then we worked with a bunch of other people. I had the privilege this time around, the new stuff that I’m working on, to work with Tom Savini. 

“He’s the godfather to me. Got to hang out with him, got to talk with him. Met him through a friend who actually works with him. And the three of us were kind of developing this new mask together so I’m kind of fucking chuffed on that.”

Taylor adds: "It’s really bare bones right now because it has to do with what I’m going to do underneath it as well, so I just gave a little sample and people were like, ‘What the fuck!’I loved it, it blew up so quick.”

Savini has a long history as a make-up artist and special effect technician and has worked on productions including Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead, Friday The 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

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