Comus singer Bobbie Watson releases new album with Jon Seagroatt

Bobbie Watson
(Image credit: Bobbie Watson)

Comus singer Bobbie Watson has released a new album with her partner and fellow Comus member Jon Seagroatt. Yearn is described as "a new compilation of rare of previously unreleased songs from 1999 to 2002" and is available now.

"Many of the songs that we wrote between 1999 and 2002 later featured – in radically different readings – in the live sets and recordings of both Drift and the Colins of Paradise," explains Seagrott. "Bobbie and I realised a while ago that the original duo versions of these songs had never really had an airing anywhere, so I’ve pulled together fifteen of them into a 70 minute album which we’ve named Yearn.

"The tracks on Yearn range from voice and electric piano to some pretty hefty, large-scale arrangements. Many of the tracks needed a bit of fleet-footed detective and DAW work to find and then extract the necessary MIDI and audio parts from now long-defunct DAWs. Once extracted, I re-constructed the songs from these original stems and re-mixed them."

The artwork for Yearn, which you can view below, comes from a painting by Watson entitled Shirt #2. You can view more of her artwork at her website.

Get Yearn.

Bobbie Watson

(Image credit: Bobbie Watson)

Bobbie Watson & Jon Seagroatt :Yearn
1. 70 bpm
2. Glow
3. 139
4. History
5. Talk To Myself
6. Compass
7. Step Away
8. Pearls
9. Diversions
10. Drift
11. End Of The Line
12. Breathing
13. The Pool
14. Sparkle
15. Lodestar

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