Comprehensively extensive 15-LP box set of The Stooges' classic Funhouse launched

The Stooges - Funhouse box set
(Image credit: Rhino Records)

Funhouse, the second album by The Stooges, is right up there. An absolute proto-punk classic, packed with youthful fire and fury, it starts with the malevolent Down In The Street and unravels over the course of 36 minutes, a maelstrom of giant riffs and and screeching, relentless, wall-of-noise insanity. It's a beast of an album.

And now it's going to be released as a 15 album vinyl box set. Many of The Stooges' studio sessions have been ransacked over the years for sub-par releases, but the first two albums have been looked after a little better than the rest, and Rhino have pulled out the stops with this latest release, which includes the following.

  • 45 RPM version of Fun House on double LP With 4th side etching
  • The Complete Fun House Sessions
  • Have Some Fun: Live At Ungano's
  • 2 replica 7” Vinyl Singles: Down On The Street” (Mono Single Edit)/I Feel Alright (Mono Single Edit) [French Picture Sleeve] and Down On The Street (Single Mix)/I Feel Alright (Single Mix)
  • 28-page book with rare photos and an extensive essay by Henry Rollins
  • Ephemera Including two 24"x12" posters, two 12"x12" prints, a slipmat, and a 45-adapter
  • Gold-foil Stamped Numbering

1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions will be released on July 17 in an edition of 1970 units. The complete set was originally released by Rhino in 1999 as 7CD box in a limited edition of 3000. 

Tracklist below. 1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions is available to pre-order now from both Rhino UK and Rhino US. It's the perfect gift for the person in your life who'll listen to 28 different versions of Loose

1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions

Fun House
A1. Down On The Street (2020 Remaster)
A2. Loose (2020 Remaster)
A3. Tv Eye (2020 Remaster)
B1. Dirt (2020 Remaster)
B2. 1970 (2020 Remaster)  

C1. Fun House (2020 Remaster)         
C2. L.A. Blues (2020 Remaster)
D. Etching        

1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions
E1. Fun House (Tape Glitch Fragment)  
E2. Studio Dialogue
E3. 1970 (Incomplete)
E4. Studio Dialogue  
E5. 1970 (Take 1)
E6. 1970 (Take 2)
E7. Studio Dialogue
E8. 1970 (Take 3)
F1. 1970 (Take 4) [6:02]
F2. Studio Dialogue      
F3. Loose (Demo)      
F4. Studio Dialogue
F5. 1970 (Take 5)
F6. Loose (Take 1) [False Start]     
F7. Loose (Take 2)    

G1. Down On The Street (Take 1)  
G2. Studio Dialogue  
G3. Loose (Take 3)    
G4. Down On The Street (Take 2) [False Start]
G5. Down On The Street (Take 3) [False Start]   
G6. Studio Dialogue  
G7. See That Cat (T.V. Eye)  
G8. Studio Dialogue   
G9. 1970 (Take 1)
H1. Fun House (Take 1)
H2. Studio Dialogue
H3. Lost In The Future (False Start)
H4. Studio Dialogue
H5. Lost In The Future (False Start 2)         
H6. Lost In The Future (Take 1)   
H7. Studio Dialogue    
H8. Lost In The Future (Take 2) [False Start]     

I1. Lost In The Future (Take 3)  
I2. Studio Dialogue
I3. Loose (Take 1)          
I4. Studio Dialogue
I5. 1970 (Take 1)
I6. Loose (Take 2)          
J1. Loose (Take 3) [False Start]         
J2. Studio Dialogue  
J3. Loose (Take 4)           
J4. Studio Dialogue
J5. Loose (Take 5)         
J6. Studio Dialogue   
J7. Loose (Take 6)         
J8. Loose (Take 7) [False Start]          
J9. Loose (Take 9)           
J10. Loose (Take 11)       

K1. Loose (Take 12)         
K2. Loose (Take 13)        
K3. Loose (Take 14)         
K4. Loose (Take 15)        
K5. Slide (Slidin’ The Blues)     
L1. Studio Dialogue  
L2. Loose (Take 16)        
L3. Loose (Take 17) [False Start]       
L4. Loose (Take 18) [False Start}        
L5. Loose (Take 19)        
L6. Loose (Take 20)         
L7. Studio Dialogue  
L8. Loose (Take 21) [False Start]       
L9. Studio Dialogue     
L10. Loose (Take 22)         

M1. Studio Dialogue    
M2. Loose (Take 23)     
M3. Loose (Take 24)         
M4. Loose (Take 25) [False Start]        
M5. Loose (Take 26) [False Start]        
M6. Studio Dialogue    
M7. Loose (Take 27)         
M8. Loose (Take 28)         
N1. Down On The Street (Take 1)         
N2. Down On The Street (Take 2)      
N3. Down On The Street (Take 3)        [
N4. Down On The Street (Take 4)        
N5. Studio Dialogue    
N6. Down On The Street (Take 5)        

O1. Studio Dialogue  
O2. Down On The Street (Take 6)       
O3. Down On The Street (Take 7) [False Start]      
O4. Down On The Street (Take 8)   
O5. Down On The Street (Take 9) [False Start]       
O6. Down On The Street (Take 10)      
P1. Down On The Street (Take 11) [False Start]   
P2. Studio Dialogue    
P3. Down On The Street (Take 12) [False Start]   
P4. Down On The Street (Take 13)     
P5. Down On The Street (Take 14) [False Start]     
P6. Down On The Street (Take 15)      [3:42] 

Q1. T.V. Eye (Take 1)       
Q2. T.V. Eye (Take 2) [False Start]       
Q3. Slide (Slidin’ The Blues)    
Q4. T.V. Eye (Take 3)        
Q5. T.V. Eye (Take 4) [False Start]        
Q6. T.V. Eye (Take 5)       
R1. T.V. Eye (Take 6)        
R2. Studio Dialogue  
R3. T.V. Eye (Take 7)         
R4. T.V. Eye (Take 8)       
R5. Studio Dialogue     
R6. T.V. Eye (Take 9)       

S1. T.V. Eye (Take 10) [False Start]
S2. T.V. Eye (Take 11)     
S3. T.V. Eye (Take 12)     
S4. Y.V. Eye (Take 13)    
S5. T.V. Eye (Take 14)      
T1. Studio Dialogue     
T2. 1970 (Take 1)
T3. Studio Dialogue      
T4. 1970 (Take 2)
T5. Studio Dialogue     
T6. 1970 (Take 3)

U1. 1970 (Take 4)
U2. Studio Dialogue  
U3. 1970 (Take 5)
U4. 1970 (Take 6) [False Start]
U5. 1970 (Take 7)
U6. 1970 (Take 8)
V1. Fun House (Take 1) [False Start]
V2. Fun House (Take 2)
V3. Fun House (Take 3) 

W1. Studio Dialogue
W2. Fun House (Take 4)
W3. Fun House (Take 5)
X1. Studio Dialogue
X2. Dirt (Take 1)
X3. Dirt (Take 2)  

Y1. Dirt (Take 3)
Y2. Studio Dialogue  
Y3. Dirt (Take 4)
Y4. Dirt (Take 5)
Z1. Dirt (Take 6)
Z2. Dirt (Take 7) [False Start]
Z3. Dirt (Take 8)
Z4. Dirt (Take 9) 

Aa1. Dirt (Take 10)            
Aa2. Dirt (Take 11) [False Start]          
Aa3. Dirt (Take 12)        
Bb1. Freak (L.A. Blues) [Take 1]
Bb2. Freak (L.A. Blues) [Take 2]  

Have Some Fun: Live At Ungano’s
Cc1. Going To Ungano’s
Cc2. Loose       
Cc3. Down On The Street     
Cc4. T.V. Eye
Cc5. Dirt      
Dd1. 1970       
Dd2. Fun House      
Dd3. Have Some Fun/My Dream Is Dead   

Down On The Street/I Feel Alright (French Picture Sleeve)
Ee1. Down On The Street (Mono Single Edit)
Ff1. I Feel Alright (1970) [Mono Single Edit]         

Down On The Street/I Feel Alright (Generic Elektra Sleeve)
Gg1. Down On The Street (Single Mix)            
Hh1.  I Feel Alright (1970) [Single Mix]

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