How Montoya got over fear of live album

Guitarist Coco Montoya has revealed why he spent so long resisting calls to release a live album.

The former John Mayall sideman finally put out his volume of Ruf Records’ Songs From The Road series last year.

Montoya tells the Pottstown Mercury: “A lot of people had been wanting a live album – something to capture the night, that they could take home.

“I thought I would make too many mistakes to do a live album, so I always avoided it.”

But his love of music from the 1940s and 1950s led him to the realisation he was wrong. “All the old doo-wop, and the old soul stuff, and the old blues stuff, it was the imperfections that made the music wonderful,” he says.

“The beauty of a live album is the imperfections. It’s capturing the night with its flaws. That turned me around to have a little more bravery.”

Montoya’s Songs From The Road is available now in a CD/DVD pack. He has a range of tour dates booked in North America and Europe in July, August and September.