Clive Mitten releases 26-minute The Orchestral Estate

Clive Mitten
(Image credit: Clive Mitten)

Former Twelfth Night bassist and C:Live Collective leader Clive Mitten has posted a new suite of music on his bandcamp page, which fans can choose what to pay to download. The Orchestral Estate is a 26-minute piece which is a complete recomposition of The Fifth Estate , which originally appeared on the C: Live Collective's 2018 release Age Of Insanity, which tells the story of the emergency services. It is a cinematic aural experience.

"There is a long history of composers and musicians re-working their material more than once," Mitten tells Prog. "And also of pieces of music being recomposed or reimagined by others - Max Richter’s recomposition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons being a great example.

"When writing The Fifth Estate I was aware that I could go in any musical direction with some of the themes, and decided to have a play around with them for fun. Gradually a 26 minutes 26 second cinematic monster appeared centred around an occurrence that has been sen too frequently in recent times - a major disaster, and the positive things people do in the face of it.

"As I did it for fun and we are now in such a grim time, I have decided to share the piece with all, for free or for whatever people choose to pay. We need some distraction, especially when we are all staying at home to stay safe, and if it’s free and epic, all the better."

Download The Orchestral Estate here.

Jerry Ewing

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