Claudio Sanchez's song for his son


Claudio Sanchez has released a video of him performing a song he wrote for his son ahead of the birth.

And he admits he’s only beginning to understand its full meaning as he prepares to head out on tour with Coheed And Cambria – leaving wife Chondra and the three-month-old child at home.

Sanchez explains: “Several months ago I wrote Atlas for him. At the time, I could only imagine the feelings I’d have for him when I’d have to leave for tour. I didn’t truly understand the power and relevance of the song’s sentiment.

“Now, after having him in my life for almost three months and with Neverender just a few weeks away, I’m starting to feel it.

“This will be my first tour away from Atlas. And sure, it will be hard – but it’s all for him. I’d like to share that song with you.”

Coheed and Cambria launch their US tour on September 5. Sanchez earlier this month revealed details of his record label and first signing Thank You Scientist.