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Classic Rock's Tracks of the Week

We can't believe it's been a week since our last selection of tracks, but each of the bands we recommended last Friday have since sold ten million albums and purchased mansions near Jimmy Page's place. What will happen to this week's?

ProtokultGet Me A Beer!

Toronto’s fun-loving, beer-drinking progressive folk metal band return with another boozy blast of heathen prog. It’s taken from the album No Beer In Heaven.

GodsmackGeneration Day

With four Grammy nominations and 20 million records sold, you’d think that the Massachusetts men of alt.metal would have nothing left to achieve. But no, the thumping Generation Day is their first Classic Rock Track of the Week. Congratulations, guys.

AmplifierNamed After Rocky

Taken from the new album Mystoria, which is out in September. We’re assuming that the ‘Rocky’ in question is the goldfish in the video, rather than Balboa or Marciano, but either way this is face-melting riffola. Note: we used to own a goldfish called Copper Gavin, but it died.

Jonathan Boulet - Hold It Down

Service with a sneer from expat Aussie Jonathan Boulet. If Les Savy Fav hooked up with Josh Homme and set the fuzz dial to a squillion it may come close to this nihilistic punk scuzz. Listen out for his debut album Gubba, due August 25.

Ex Hex - Rips

Here’s a fun little new wave hipshaker from a Washington DC gal-trio. Inspired by ‘what your older brother’s friends listened to’ Ex Hex’s retro passion follows the cheeky nous of The Gossip, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Make-Up as well as Roxy Music and Blondie.

Roxie 77The Solution

He was born in Sacramento but lives in Stockholm, so it makes complete sense that Ryan Roxie (Electric Angels, Alice Cooper, Dad’s Porno Mag) and his band Roxie 77 have just released the Ameriswede EP. Geddit? The Solution is from it.

Tom KeiferIt’s Not Enough

The Cinderella frontman released his solo album The Way Life Goes last year, inspired by a move to Nashville, and we do detect a slight country twang to this otherwise shiny portion of singalong-pop-metal.

Black AngelsThe Flop

Frontman Alex Maas was recently spotted provided vocals for satanic funk outfit Brown Sabbath, but here’s he’s back at the dayjob, fronting the extremely psychedelic Black Angels. Think the 13th Floor Elevators, without the jug, and much louder.

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