CJ Wildheart hits Robot crowdfund target


CJ Wildheart has reached his crowdfunding target for his latest album entitled Robot after just six days.

He launched the PledgeMusic campaign on September 28 but has smashed his goal with 130 days remaining.

He’s brought in Pitchshifter drummer Jason Bowld for Robot – a musician he calls “one of the best in the country” and will once again work with engineer and producer Lee Ray.

Wildheart says: “Last year I had an album out called Mable, which actually surprised me massively as I wasn’t expecting anyone to really give two shits about it.

“The fact that quite a few of you bought the album, and it was really well received by the press and various other folks out there, took me by surprise.”

Wildheart launched his Devilspit hot sauce to mark the 2014 release – and he’s doing a limited-edition version this year with his latest pledge push.

He continues: “Don’t worry, it hasn’t been made with oil and crushed metal. It’s a garlic version of my original Devilspit recipe.”

Robot can be pre-ordered from the PledgeMusic page.

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