CJ Wildheart: Mable

CJ burns the midnight oil.

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Seven years on from the CJ and The Satellites’ Thirteen album, CJ dives into solo waters once more as part of a Pledgemusic campaign, giving fans the chance to sample exactly where his rock‘n’roll muse resides right now.

And, truth be told, there aren’t many surprises on offer here. If 10-foot-tall riffs and catchy harmonies and choruses are your bag then you are reading the right review.

The home studio genesis of the tunes is evident in the slightly mechanical and electronically embellished vibe – particularly the Won’t Get Fooled Again-like motif that opens and closes proceedings – but that doesn’t really detract from the inherent fun and fizzing quality of the likes of Down The Drain, the shout-along Vitriol and pounding stomp of Devil, though top marks should go to the addictive thrash of Kentucky Fried. Just the kind of thing any self-respecting fan will devour in a (Wild)heartbeat.