Celebr8.3 to be last of its kind

The Celebr8.3 festival, which takes place at the end of the month starring The Tangent and Frost*, is to be the last of its kind.

Promoters Jon ‘Twang’ Patrick and Geoff Banks have decided to go their separate ways after the third two-day event on May 31 and June 1.

Patrick, who also leads the House Of Progression series of concerts, says: “Over the last couple of years the dynamics have changed immensely. Once there were very few live shows – now there are tons. I have noticed that this has split the audience. It comes down to not being able to afford to see everything.

“Putting on an event such as Celebr8 is extremely time consuming and has huge costs. To do it you need to dedicate your entire being. The fact of the matter is, there is too much saturation. The audience numbers remain the same. It is quite obvious that people love individual bands. This does not make a scene.”

Patrick will return in 2015 with another two-day event, but it won’t be under the Celebr8 banner and it won’t feature the same format.

He says: “It will consist of three major bands, each performing full sets over the course of two evenings. Experience and audience demographic has proved to me that less is more.”

Adding his thanks to colleague Banks and all those who have supported their work, he continues: “Please support Celebr8.3 – not only is it an independently run festival, it will most definitely be the last one of its kind.”

Day tickets are now on sale via The Merch Desk. Find out more at www.celebr8live.com.

Saturday bill

The Tangent

Anathema (acoustic)



Twelfth Night

John Mitchell and Kim Seviour (acoustic)

Sunday bill


The Fierce & The Dead


Sanguine Hum


Andy Tillison and Matt Stevens (acoustic)

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