Cave In announce new album Final Transmission

Cave In - Final Transmission

1. Final Transmission
2. All Illusion
3. Shake My Blood
4. Night Crawler
5. Lunar Day
6. Winter Window
7. Lanterna
8. Strange Reflection
9. Led To The Wolves

Cave In have announced they will be releasing a new album later this year.

Titled Final Transmission, it's due to be released on June 7 via Hydra Head. 

The first album to be released since 2011's White Silence, it also marks the band's first release since the death of bassist Caleb Scofield in 2018 – and also as Scofield's final album with the band. With work having started on the album prior to his death, the late bassist performs on each of the album's songs. 

Drummer J.R. Conners says: “Adam, Steve and I would sometimes get together to work on stuff when Caleb couldn’t make it. But the next time Caleb would be there and the songs turned into something else. It became much more of a Cave In project than it was before he showed up. 

"He had weird rhythms that none of us would ever come up with or think to try, which turned the material into a different thing. He had a huge hand in these songs."

Vocalist Steve Brodsky adds: “Getting these mixes back was really hard. I don’t think I’ve cried so much putting together any record. 

"I don’t try to look too deeply into how these things work, but these recordings are some of our last moments spending time with him.

“The song Shake My Blood was my first opportunity to express what I was feeling about the whole situation. It’s a mix of extreme grief, frustration and anger. 

"I was trying to do something to gain the clearest answer about whatever the next move might be."

"I feel really lucky to have this record," guitarist Adam McGrath concludes. "I love it, but I don’t like listening to it. I’m sure I’ll listen to it eventually, but right now it’s difficult. Just hearing him play kills me. I’ll miss him forever."

Half of the proceeds from Final Transmission will be donated to Caleb’s wife and children. Pre-order in the UK, Europe and US is available now. Check out new song All Illusion below.

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