Bizkit to launch stealth release strategy

Fred Durst says Limp Bizkit have a stealthy plan for future releases and that they will focus on EPs rather than albums.

Durst says there is no firm release date for upcoming album Stampede Of Disco Elephants, but insists it may be their last full album for some time as they plan to put out EPs with no marketing so fans can discover them for themselves.

Ahead of Limp Bizkit’s Apollo Stage appearance at Sonisphere tonight, Durst tells TeamRock Radio: “We are going to work on getting Stampede out first but EPs are fun and something we are going to get more and more into. I grew up loving EPs and we can put one out whenever we want and that’s probably what we will do.

“We probably won’t let anyone know when they are coming out. You want to discover those things form the bands you love, like ‘Shit, I’m a core fan and I know this is out.’ So it isn’t something we will market.”

The frontman describes the material on Stampede Of Disco Elephants as something that will change the band’s future completely.

He adds: “Its a little crazier than usual. Its more off the wall, pretty outrageous. It’s hard to explain but I think this will be the one which changes the way we make music from here on out. The way Paul’s Boutique did for the Beastie Boys.”

Limp Bizkit speak to Sonisphere Radio, powered by TeamRock