Big Big Train issue Folklore teaser

Big Big Train

Big Big Train have released a teaser video for their upcoming album Folklore.

Folklore will arrive on May 27 and is available for pre-order now in CD, 2LP and digital formats.

Big Big Train have also released a digital-only audio version of their Stone And Steel release, called From Stone And Steel. The Stone And Steel film was captured live at Real World studios in August 2014 and is due for release on Blu-ray and digitally now.

On the decision to release an audio-only version of the soundtrack, the band say: “For those who prefer audio rather than video releases, a new download album will be released called From Stone And Steel. This album provides audio-only versions of the songs recorded live at Real World studios in August 2014.”

Big Big Train Folklore tracklist

  1. Folklore
  2. London Plane
  3. Along The Ridgeway
  4. Salisbury Giant
  5. The Transit Of Venus Across The Sun
  6. Wassail
  7. Winkie
  8. Brooklands
  9. Telling The Bees