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Beardfish address inner self on album no.8

Beardfish will release eighth album +4626-COMFORTZONE on January 12 via InsideOut, they’ve confirmed.

The Swedish outfit say the follow-up to 2012’s The Void seeks to address the inner self in an attempt to find a way out of the world of expectation we’re forced to live in.

Frontman Rikard Sjoblom explains: “The comfort zone is the invisible protective suit of negative thinking, almost like an entity of itself. It’s been with you since birth – your parents and your teachers and your friends and your neighbours all teaching you the way the world works. This is how it is and will be, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

“The negative vibe is like a voice living inside you, a companion through life. With time you start to like that voice and the place it takes you to: your comfort zone.

“I’m so sick and tired of it – I want to address it and maybe in that way start to work my way out of it.”

Further details will be released in the coming weeks.


  1. The One Inside Part 1 – Noise In The Background

  2. Hold On

  3. Comfort Zone

  4. Can You See Me Now

  5. King

  6. The One Inside Part 2 – My Companion Throughout Life

  7. Daughter Whore

  8. Ode To The Rock ‘N’ Roller

  9. If We Must Be Apart (A Love Story Continued)

  10. The One Inside Part 3 – Relief