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Axl shouts down retirement claim

Axl Rose has called “BS” on rumours that he is set to call it a day with Guns n'Roses.

The frontman – who was this week described as the best singer in the world – was responding to RadarOnline, who quoted a source close to the band as saying his bandmates and staff would be looking for work when GnR’s Las Vegas comes to an end on June 7.

The report added that Axl was considering retiring and that the band was “done.”

But supporters posted a photo online with the message “I’m not going anywhere.” The band’s official Twitter account retweeted the picture along with the message: “GN’R fans sure have a radar for BS. Love you all.”

Meanwhile, GN’R guitarist DJ Ashba says, as a massive fan of the band, he could never have turned down the job.

He tells “I’m a fan of Guns – I always will be, and that’s the only reason I’m in this band. I felt really connected to the band. I grew up cutting my teeth on the guitar style so, for me, it was like putting on a glove; it felt natural.

“I turned down quite a few big gigs, and this is one that I just couldn’t turn down. I felt like I had something I could offer. As a songwriter and producer, I feel like I can honestly bring something cool to the table for the future of this band. So that’s why I’m here – not so much to play guitar.”

GnR are the cover stars of the latest edition of Classic Rock, on sale now.

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