Asking Alexandria lost their art says Danny Worsnop

Danny Worsnop
Danny Worsnop

Danny Worsnop says the reason he left Asking Alexandria was that they’d lost their artistic integrity – and that’s how they lost him.

And he’s revealed that a move from Los Angeles to Nashville helped him clean up his act after a number of failed attempts in the past.

The former frontman split with Asking Alexandria last year to focus on We Are Harlot. He’s since turned his attention on to his solo career, with debut album The Prozac Sessions expected in the near future.

Worsnop tells AltPress: “I ended up leaving because it lost the art to me – it lost its artistic integrity in my eyes. I was just selling out, and that’s not what I do.”

Instead, he says, “People are wondering if there’s going to be a second Harlot record, and there will be. The band still exists.

“Since getting to Nashville I wrote 17 songs for my solo record. The idea of doing a double disc with 30 songs really appeals to me. How many years have I talked about this solo album – four years? I want to give it to the world.”

After moving home, Worsnop describes himself as “a completely different person in my head” and says he’s stopped using hard drugs – although he doesn’t plan to stop drinking.

“The move got me away from a lot of the people that instigated that dies of me,” he reports. “It wasn’t a good environment for me to be in.”

And he vows: “I’m not going to get arrested any more.”

Worsnop released latest solo track Out Without You earlier this month. Asking Alexandria launched fourth album The Black – their first with new frontman Denis Stoff – in March.

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