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Anthony Phillips reveals Private Parts set

Anthony Phillips has confirmed the released of a five-disc set concentrating on his early Private Parts & Pieces albums.

The clamshell box contains Private Parts & Pieces (1978), Back To The Pavilion (1980), Antiques (1982) and A Catch At The Tables (1984), plus an additional disc of 18 unreleased tracks. Bonus material on the other discs add up to a further 18 songs.

The collection was compiled by Genesis co-founder Phillips along with Jonathan Dann, who’s written a new essay for an extended booklet.

The Private Parts series continued with Twelve, Ivory Moon, Slow Waves Soft Stars, New England, Dragonfly Dreams, Soire and latest release, 2012’s Private Parts & Pieces XI: City Of Dreams.

The box set is released on August 28 via Cherry Red and it’s available for pre-order now.

Disc One: Private Parts & Pieces

Beauty And The Beast

Field Of Eternity

Tibetan Yak Music

Lullaby – Old Father Time

Harmonium In The Dust (Or Harmonious Stratosphere)

Tregenna Afternoons





Seven Long Years

Bonus tracks:

Silver Song (demo)

Movement IV From Guitar Quintet

Disc Two: Private Parts & Pieces: Back To The Pavilion

Scottish Suite:

– Salmon Leap

– Parting Thistle

– Electric Reaper

– Amorphous, Cadaverous And Nebulous

– Salmon’s Last Sleepwalk



Postlude: End Of The Season


Spring Meeting

Romany’s Aria



Magic Garden

Von Runkel’s Yorker Music

Bonus tracks:

Will O’ The Wisp


I Saw You Today

Back To The Pavilion

Lucy: An Illusion

Disc Three: Private Parts & Pieces Part III: Antiques


Hurlingham Suite:

– Ivied Castles

– Frosted Windows

– Bandido

– Church Bells At Sunset

Suite In D Minor:

– Whirlpools

– Cobblestones

– Catacombs

Danse Nude



Otto’s Face

Sand Dunes

Old Wives Tale

Bonus tracks:

Frosted Windows (Variation I)

Esperansa (alternate mix)

Bandido (early take)

Old Wives Tale (take 6)

Suite In D Minor (alternate version)

Frosted Windows (Variation II)

El Cid

Disc Four: Private Parts & Pieces IV: A Catch At The Tables

Arboretum Suite:

– Set Piece

– Over The Gate

– Flapjack

– Lights On The Hill

Earth Man

Dawn Over The Lake



Heart Of Darkness

The Sea And The Armadillo


Bonus tracks:

Erotic Strings

A Catch At The Tables

Flapjack (Solo Version)

Theme From Operation Whale

Disc Five: Private Parts & Extra Pieces

Sea Piece Intro

Prelude 3

The Princess Waltz

The Marionette Vignette

Duchess Of Kew

Birdsong Link

Over The Gate (Alternate Mix)

Sea Sketches

Lines In The Sand

Study In D Major

Moonshooter Piano

Long Ago

Lullaby – Old Father Time Variation

Theme From Sea Piece

Sistine (Alternative Piano Version)

Armadillo Air

K2 Link

Still-Born Love