Amplifier's 8-bit Carpet ride


Amplifier have launched a video for the 8-bit version of new track Magic Carpet, taken from upcoming fifth album Mystoria.

The alternative take is available as a free instant download for those who pre-order the record, due on September 8 via Superball Music.

Guitarist Sel Balamir recently said of the record: “It doesn’t aspire to emulate any of its predecessors. We’ve gone back to just trying to write great songs and melodies, and that’s where we’ve decided to stay.”

They launch a European tour in October, which includes two UK dates alongside Kerbdog and others – one at the Ritz in Manchester on November 15, and the other at the Forum in London on November 16.


  1. Magic Carpet

  2. Black Rainbow

  3. Named After Rocky

  4. Cat’s Cradle

  5. Bride

  6. Open Up

  7. OMG

  8. The Meaning Of If

  9. Crystal Mountain

  10. Crystal Anthem