Ampacity stream 2nd album Superluminal


Polish prog outfit Ampacity are streaming their second album exclusively with Prog.

Superluminal is out now via Instant Classic and all five songs can be heard below. The label described the band’s sound as “somewhere between Hawkwind’s drug-induced voyages and Voivod’s twisted, sometimes atonal mastery.”

The band themselves say: “We managed to compose the album based on various threads. This time we decided to ignore the vocals and thanks to this decision we were left with a lot of space for other sounds. One thing we can be sure of – Superluminal will definitely stimulate your imagination.”

The album was recorded ‘as live’ in a Gdansk Radio studio and is said to bring to mind an old sci-fi movie soundtrack.


  1. 42
  2. Propellerbrain
  3. Molten Boron
  4. Planeta Eden
  5. Superluminal