Adrian Belew thrilled with his Pixar soundtrack collaboration

Pixar's Piper
Pixar's Piper
(Image: © Pixar)

Adrian Belew says he’s thrilled with his work on Piper, a short movie by animation studio Pixar that features his music, which is released next month.

The six-minute production tells the story of a small bird that lives on a beach, and must challenge herself to find food while avoiding treacherous waves. It will be screened before Finding Dory, the full-length sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo.

Describing Piper as “possibly the studio’s cutest character creation yet,” Belew says: “I’ve visited Pixar four times and it never ceases to thrill me – so much creativity and technology in one place.”

Piper, aong with Finding Dory, will be released on June 17. Meanwhile, Belew continues work on the latest additions to his FLUX project, including an album called FLUXbybelew Volume Two and an in-app addition entitled FLUXation Pack Two.

He reports: “For those who only have the first Flux CD, this will double your fun. For those of you who have the FLUXbybelew app, the FLUXation pack will add another half an hour of music and visuals to your FLUX stream, creating even more possibilities. Also included in both these releases are new songs not available anywhere else.

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