Belew launches Flux music concept after 36 years

Adrian Belew has launched his Flux music creation environment after 36 years of planning and development.

It’s now available as an iOS mobile device app, and promises “a new and exciting way to experience music.”

The former King Crimson and Frank Zappa collaborator explained via the project’s Kickstarter page: “Technology has changed our lives so dramatically. Our ability to multitask is greater, but our attention spans are shorter. Modern music does not reflect these changes – most music has remained unaltered, still made in the same format used for over 60 years: the three to five minute song. Nothing wrong with that, but how about an alternative?

“Flux is an ever-changing variety of songs, downs and visual art that comes at you in quick, exciting pieces. You get exposed to a lot of content quickly and every listen is new. It will never happen the same way for you or anyone else.”

Now he says: “Flux music has landed on Earth! I’m so happy it’s finally here, a dream that began on May 28, 1978 on a beautiful spring afternoon in France. There is so much to be done before I can rest, but for the moment I’m going to enjoy the very rare sensation of having done something never done before.”

While the system currently features only Belew’s music, and isn’t open to any other input, he hopes the concept can be expanded. He tells Something Else: “I really believe it’s something that could be used in many different artistic mediums, and that people will use it different ways.”

He’s gearing up for another run of North American shows with the Adrian Belew Power Trio.

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