80s prog outfit Craft have sole album reissued

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80s UK prog trio Craft have had their lone 1984 album, First Signs [Definitive Edition], reissued through Cherry Red Records.

The band were formed by former The Enid members William Gilmour and Martin Russell, who joined forces with percussionist Grant McKay Gilmour, and recorded a lone album, at the time self-titled, in 1984, that featured six tracks, based on one half of the signs of the Zodiac. A much-rumoured follow-up never materialised, although the album was issued on CD in 1991.

"I'm so happy that this body of music (from half our lives ago!) is getting a carefully-curated release befitting this century's listeners, whether they've previously heard the 1984 vinyl, the 1991 CD or are coming fresh to what we did back then," says Russell. "Reconnecting with Willie and Grant and recollecting our ambition and our collective bond has been an unexpected and joyful by-product of preparing this definitive edition. I'm very grateful for the opportunity we've been given to revisit our musical past and to provide a glimpse into 'what might have been' via the additional content."

The new reissue features eight bonus tracks, four of which are remixes from the original set along with two previously unreleased tracks Despina and Dmitri’s Lament. It features artwork by William Gilmour and liner notes by Martin Russell detailing the history of the band and the making of the album.

Russell later went on to form Afro Celt Sound System, while William Gilmour continues to create music and has worked with fellow former Enid member Francis Lickerish.

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(Image credit: Cherry Red)

Craft: First Signs [Definitive Edition]
1. Aries
2. Taurus
3. Gemini
4. Cancer
5. Leo
6. Virgo
Bonus Tracks
7. Despina
8. Dmitri’s Lament
9. Taurus (1989 remix)
10. Gemini (1989 remix).
11. Cancer (1989 remix)
12. Leo (1989 remix)
13. Branislava
14. And So To Sleep

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