Your Favourite Slipknot Songs Revealed


Yesterday on the Metal Hammer Facebook page we asked you lot (all 1.1 million of you) for your favourite Slipknot track. But which were most popular?

1. People = Shit (taken from Iowa, 2001)

2. Purity (taken from Slipknot, 1999)

3. Before I Forget (taken from Vol.3 The Subliminal Verses, 2004)

4. Surfacing (taken from Slipknot, 1999)

5. The Heretic Anthem (taken from Iowa, 2001)

6. (sic) (taken from Slipknot, 1999)

7. Wait And Bleed (taken from Slipknot, 1999)

8. Psychosocial (taken from All Hope Is Gone, 2008)

9. Duality (taken from Vol.3 The Subliminal Verses, 2004)

10. Disasterpiece (taken from Iowa, 2001)

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