What Taylor Swift would sound like as a Limp Bizkit song

Limp Bizkit Taylor Swift

Have you ever wondered what Taylor Swift quotes would sound like as a Limp Bizkit song? Us neither! But, the peeps over at Super Deluxe (the same bods that proved adopting puppies is metal as fuck) have made that nightmare a reality with some clever editing and music skills, and it’s actually pretty good!

Taking some Taylor Swift interview and chatshow footage from over the years, the boffins at Super Deluxe have re-recorded them with a Fred Durst-esque voice (although at times it’s a bit more Weird Al) and a classic Limp Bizkit beat. There’s even the odd scream and growl added in for good measure.

Plus it’s actually quite infectious, like every Taylor Swift song. So c’mon guys, all together now:

“It’s more important to be edgy and sexy and cool than anything else! Oh my god, you’re irritated that I’m just being myself!”

Taylor Swift in the style of Disturbed

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