We improved 16 iconic album covers using FaceApp

Augmented image of Andrew WK's cover art with him smiling

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you may have noticed your timelines being hijacked by images of your friends looking a little, well, different. FaceApp – a smartphone app which purports to use “artificial intelligence” to perform “Neural Face Transformations” – is the software responsible for turning your friends old and grey, giving them weird forced smiles, turning boys into girls and vice versa.

But why should us mere mortals have all the fun when there are rock legends to poke fun at? With that in mind, we set to work reimagining some of the world’s favourite album covers – from the maniacally happy Marilyn Manson outtake, to John Deacon sneakily remembering a cheeky joke.

And as far as the Nirvana baby goes… We’re sorry. Truly, truly sorry.

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