Watch Mongolian folk-metallers Tengger Cavalry cover Motörhead's Fight

Tengger Cavalry have covered Motorhead's Fight

Mongolian folk-metallers Tengger Cavalry are premiering their new video with TeamRock.

Their cover of Motörhead’s song Fight was recorded live in LA at Whisky A Go Go and sees the New York-based band interpret the track in their own unique style while also paying homage to the late, great Lemmy.

“We just got back from our second full North American tour,” says Tengger Cavalry frontman Nature Ganganbaigal. “One of the most exciting stops was West Hollywood in Los Angeles. We actually got the time to visit the Rainbow Bar, the one that Lemmy always visited. They have his full sculpture complete with all the little details, like his hat and boots. It was amazing, like the real him. We decided to dedicate a song to him, as he was one of the most badass rock and metal warriors.”

Although on the surface, the music of Tengger Cavalry and Motörhead seems a world away, but as Ganganbaigal explains, they’re not really so different after all.

Fight is actually a very nomadic warrior song,” he says. “The lyrics are very similar to that of Tengger Cavalry: ‘Fight, Fight, ride to the east, ride to the west.’ It sounds like Genghis Khan conquering different nations. The vibe is so aggressive and full of cavalry warrior spirit. We just changed the basic riff to our style a little bit, then added the Mongolian fiddle according to the original drum beat to make it more natural to our own taste.”

The band play at the Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York on December 16.

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