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Limp Bizkit
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Love them or hate them, Limp Bizkit emerged from the 2000s nu metal explosion as one of the genre's biggest names, shifting an estimated 40 million records plus worldwide. From star-studded music videos to hip-hop collaborations, Fred Durst and co. wholly embraced their celebrity status, infiltrating pop culture in a way few (if any) metal bands since have managed to replicate. 

With the ten-year wait for a sixth album finally over after the surprise release of Still Sucks, we decided it was high time to crown the greatest Limp Bizkit song to ever shuffle out in a red cap and cargo pants. To do that, we're asking you to choose your all-time favourites, to determine if you do it all for the Nookie, have a Significant Other or are just here because you Love To Hate. 

With six albums and over 100 songs to choose from, we want you to tell us which song is the ultimate Limp Bizkit floor-filler. In the list below you will find every song featured on a Limp Bizkit record (as well as a few that aren't), but if your favourite is missing there is also an option to add your own at the end. 

Check back next week to see which songs made the cut. 

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