This woman covering Lamb of God on Germany's The Voice will make every metalhead's year!

(Image credit: The Voice Of Germany)

One female metalhead took to the stage and nailed frontman Randy Blythe's vocals in a cover of Lamb of God's Ghost Walking on Germany's version of the popular reality talent television show series The Voice that aired last week.

The Voice of Germany is part of a series of The Voice talent shows across the world, where contestants sing to gain the tutorship of industry professionals.

Stefanie Stuber, entered the stage behind the backs of these potential coaches, who had no clue that she was female until she mastered the more melodic elements of the track, taken from LoG's 2012 album Resolution

The Voice has been proving to be metal-friendly as of late, with one Finnish contestant covering Slipknot on the Finnish version of the show a couple of years back and Necrophagist on The Voice Quebec but we are always glad to see more metal being represented on mainstream television. 

As The Voice of Germany coach Rea Garvey commented in the clip, "metal music in Germany is massive" (excuse this author's poor Germany language skills).

Understandably, with her powerful lungs and versatile vocal chords Stefanie got through to the next round, choosing German singer-songwriter Mark Forster as her coach. 

Good luck, Stefanie – we're behind you all the way! (does this mean we should start watching The Voice now...?)