This metal Star Trek cover is incredible

Star Trek The Next Generation

If you’ve ever been on the internet (of course you have, otherwise how are you reading these sweet words) you’ll no doubt have come across thousands of metal cover versions of popular TV themes. Seriously, name any programme and you’ll find a metal interpretation of the opening titles – we spent hours on YouTube trying this theory out, so trust us. The problem is that most of these reimaginings are crap. Simply riffing or screaming over a song that already exists does not constitute an adequate metal cover – sorry guys.

But then YouTubers like Captain_Meatshield come along.

This guy’s cover version of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s iconic theme is immense. He’s recorded so many guitar lines that all intertwine, it’s a bloody heavy metal symphony of sci-fi goodness! We’re in awe. Check it out.

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