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The Vicious Brothers' tips for making a music video

The Vicious Brothers (Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz) are over here in the UK for the Halloween release of their new UFO horror flick Extraterrestrial. But before they dipped their toes into making full-length movies, Colin and Stuart were award-winning music video directors having worked with the likes of Protest The Hero on Divine Suicide and Papa Roach on I Almost Told You That I Loved You. Which is why we asked them to give us some advice on making killer music videos...

1. Don’t Make A Music Video For A Song That Sucks

Because if the song sucks who’s going to watch the video? No-one’s gonna watch the video on mute. On a side note, if you really need the money then shoot whatever pays the bills… Suck that label teat dry!

2. Less Is More

Don’t take yourself too seriously. You don’t necessarily need a high concept story. No-one cares about a pretentious plot, – something simple which is unique can be a lot more engaging. Remember that the music video is there to sell the song. Also, collaborating with the artist will make them more comfortable with your vision.

3. When In Doubt, Put A Hot Girl In The Video

Ideally in as little clothing as you can get away with, or none, because music videos are primarily seen online now so there are less censorship rules to worry about.

4. Look Good

Sex sells and not only for the actors in the video but for the band too. Make sure they look the money. Disguise a not-so-great-looking person with lens flares or put them in silhouette. Trust us, the record label will make editing a nightmare if you end up with a bunch of uglies in shot. One time we had to painstakingly digitally paint out a particular extra who was encroaching on the band.

5. Ignore Everything We Just Said

Sometimes the most interesting videos are the weirdest most off the wall concepts. Do your own thing. But no pop videos – keep it vicious!

Extraterrestrial is in UK cinemas now.