The Best Of The Best Of Everything, One Year On...

Freddie Mercury of Queen
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On May 16, 2015, we launched a daily feature called The Best Of Everything. One year ago today. How time flies. Hasn’t it grown? And so on.

Like all the greatest ideas, The Best Of Everything was conceived after an evening spent in the local pub – that golden hour before closing and the reluctant purchase of a van kebab. Someone – full of boozy bravado and peanuts – piped up and challenged the rest of the table to name the 10 best Brian Johnson-era AC/DC songs that didn’t appear on Back In Black. Drinks were spilled. Voices were raised. Crisps remained untouched for a bit. People looked to the skies, asking for answers. We weren’t fucking about. This is a serious business.

So every day since then, more or less, our finest minds have targeted niche parts of the rock world and examined them until their eyes bled. Then we challenged rock stars to get involved. Most did, while a shameful few chickened out of naming their favourite albums or songs for fear of reprisals from angry fans.

So, in lieu of getting a birthday present or a hastily bought card from the local petrol station to celebrate, we crunched numbers like a mouthful of cornflakes to get some sweet stats, just for you.

So, in descending order, we present to you the 20 most popular posts of the last 12 months, beginning with some lessons in hardcore from Madball’s Freddy Cricien…

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So, those were our top 19 Best Of posts of the last year. But the award for Most Popular Best Of Everything Post – by some considerable distance, it must be noted – goes to…

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