The 11 best Memphis May Fire songs, by vocalist Matty Mullins

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Matty Mullins is being a bit lovely today. Memphis May Fire’s longstanding vocalist is currently gearing up for a widespread tour and the release of the metalcore quintet’s fifth full-length, This Light I Hold, but took some time out to list his 10 essential Memphis May Fire tracks. He picked 11, because he was feeling generous.

Destiny For The Willing (2009)

It’s from Sleepwalking, the first Memphis May Fire full-length. The working title for that song was Decade, and when I auditioned for the band, that was the instrumental that they sent to me to write vocals for. So having completed that then having put it on the record, it stands out as a pretty special song to me.

Be Careful What You Wish For (2010)

The Between The Lies EP was a kinda transitional record, because we went from the more Southern-driven rock to the kinda metalcore realm we worked our way into. From that EP I’d pick Be Careful What You Wish For, because that really represents the transition for me.

Action/Adventure (2010)

This ended up getting put on the Rock Band video game, so that was a really cool moment for us.

The Sinner (2011)

With The Hollow, that was our first record on Rise Records after we broke away from our old record label; we did the first half of the record pro bono with Cameron Mizell [producer], because we didn’t have a record label yet. Halfway through the recording process, Rise picked it up; when The Hollow came out, it seemed like everyone really started paying attention to the band and that was a really special moment for us. The Sinner is the one we still play live and everyone’s still really attached to.

The Victim (2011)

That’s another one from The Hollow that was kind of about us breaking away from our previous record label, so that’s a pretty powerful song.

Miles Away (2012)

This song’s a real staple for us from the Challenger record, and we still play it all the time. It’s a bit more laid-back, obviously, but we’ll still play it live.

Legacy (2012)

A lot of people got the lyrics from Legacy tattooed on them because it’s meant to be an inspirational song. It lets people know that even when you’re the underdog, you can still come out on top.

No Ordinary Love (2014)

That song still means a lot to me and we still play it live. It was also a great way to open our Unconditional record.

The Answer (2014)

The Answer is another one from Unconditional. I feel like that song really encompasses the whole vibe of the record. I was searching, at that point in my life; I was really broken, struggling with anxiety and depression. When I felt like I’d kinda figured everything out and got to the other side of everything, The Answer is the song that I wrote.

This Light I Hold (2016)

It’s the title track from the new record and one of the singles, and I feel like we really came out swinging with This Light I Hold – we’re all really proud of it.

That’s Just Life (2016)

It’s track seven on This Light I Hold, right in the middle. It’s a bit more abstract – it’s the slower jam, the ballad of the record – and it kinda feels like the band Fuel. That’s Just Life has that real 90s, alternative rock vibe that’s different from everything else on This Light I Hold¸but it’s still different and fresh.

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