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The 10 Most Popular Stories On Hammer Last Week

It’s been an odd seven days at Hammer Towers.. for a start we’ve had mashups, tourist trips and sex toys taking up the majority of our time. But it’s just as well because it’s what YOU wanted to read!

We took Abbath for a day trip round London

16 Things You Might Not Have Known About Cliff Burton

Someone has created a Killswitch Engage/Craig David mashup

Get Your Rocks Off: We tested the Motorhead sex toys

The Dos And Don'ts Of Gig Etiquette

11 essential heavy metal facts from the QI Elves

Metallica: The Weird Tale Of Cliff Burton's Last Kiss

Foos were ‘kicked off’ Emmys show - Grohl

Rammstein: "They Drank And Flagellated Themselves, The Blood's Real."

Watch the death metal version of Grease