The 10 most metal pop songs, as chosen by Novelists

Katy Perry
Katy Perry (Image credit: John Shearer \/ Getty Images)

Yeah, that’s right, we’re talking about pop music. Why? Well, because some of it is actually brilliant. No, it’s not metal and it won’t send us into fits of moshy rage when it comes on the radio, but pop music can still be fun and enjoyable. You think your favourite bands just sit around listening to Bathory demos all day? No. Metallica performed with Lady Gaga earlier this year and Punk Goes Pop is kind of a massive deal, with this year’s compilation including Amity Affliction, Andy Black and New Years Day.

Face it, there are some tunes out there.

Novelists’ frontman Matt Gelsomino is a big pop fan, and has picked the ten songs he reckons even the sternest metalhead will turn up loud and scream along to. G’wan. Give it a go.

Don Broco – Pretty

“I really like this song; it’s very original and Don Broco have that very dirty and somewhat metal-like atmosphere to their sound. Also the music video is very gory, which is undeniably a metal thing!”

PVRIS – My House

“The atmosphere of this song is really really dark and so are the lyrics. Obviously it’s a love song about a relationship that didn’t end well, just like 90% of love songs in metal – most of the time they talk about a break-ups, the end of a relationship, revenge etc. The whole album sits perfectly in between the two worlds – pop music with a metal feel to it – and it is really enjoyable.”

Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You

Some of his lyrics are really deep, in my opinion. I guess it’s not always easy for somebody that is an icon to be able to live their life without being judged for their actions, or whatever they do or say. We’re all trying to rid ourselves of the confines of etiquette that’s held above our heads, just like the preconceived ideas about metal.”

Landon Tewers – Cooped Up

“Despite the really sweet-sounding melody of the song it’s still really sad and raw, like all of Landon’s songs! His way of telling stories and writing songs is really metal in its essence, despite the type of instrumental that plays in the background.”

Nothing But Thieves – Honey Whiskey

“I really love this band. The balance that they achieve between the singing, all of the different guitar sounds and the deep atmospheres that surround their songs is just crazy. The music doesn’t sound metal at all but they do drink a lot of beer – and that is seriously metal!”

Katy Perry – Dark Horse

“This song is so cool because even though it’s a pop song, the way it was conceived sounds really metal to me – which is probably why so many metal bands did a cover of it! It’s definitely one of her only songs that doesn’t getting on my nerves too quickly, and I put this down to the metal feel.”

Queen – I Want To Break Free

“This song literally cradled my childhood. Freddie didn’t give a shit about anything other than having fun and playing his music, despite whatever the fuck people thought about him. That’s what metal is about!”

Taylor Swift – Bad Blood

“I love how she just decided to say fuck you to the biggest streaming company in the world because she wasn’t happy with the deal they offered. Obviously not everyone can afford to be doing this kind of move, but that was very ballsy of her and we need more artists like that for companies to realise that they can’t just go on and fuck everyone over all the time!”

The 1975 – Chocolate

“Anybody that’s ever heard of them, knows that they don’t look or behave like a pop band! The song is about drugs, and, not that I’m endorsing drugs at all, but drugs have surrounded the rock and metal world since its creation.”

The Beatles – Helter Skelter

“This is a song that I’ve been listening to since my very first steps. I’m not a massive Beatles fan but somehow this song has always spoken to me, maybe because of the very messy sound and structure. The Beatles were a very clean band at the beginning of their career, and this song shows a very trashy side of them – which I love!”

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