The 10 best songs about food, as chosen by Animal House

a press shot of animal house

Here at TeamRock, there are few things we love as much as music and food. And what could be better than the two of those things combined? Exactly. Nothing. So, when a new single from Aussie garage-rockers Animal House entitled Coca Cola landed in our inboxes, it seemed a fortuitous – if admittedly tenuous – opportunity to get them to throw a little list together for us… Or maybe we were just really hungry that day.

So, without further ado, Animal House’s list of the finest food and drink-themed anthems of our time – including some full albums, because they’re punks and they do as they please, damn it – is below. You can also watch the video for the band’s raucous single, Coca Cola, at the end of the page.

Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water

“Limp Bizkit are a staple of my teenage-hood. Their lyrics and riffs could possibly only be matched by Offspring. God they’re awful, aren’t they? Favourite lyrics: ‘If I say fuck, two more times, that’s 36 fucks in this fucked up rhyme’. That’s poetry.”

Peaches – The Teaches Of Peaches

“I actually only started getting into Peaches recently and she’s an absolute ball. Just unashamedly vulgar lyrics and production finesse that always seems to hit the spot. Anyone who has a reputation for getting people to shake their clothes off at a gigs has to be brilliant.”

Kelis – Milkshake

“An absolute classic, will go down into the history books this one. I’m always reminded of the Family Guy scene where Peter Griffin is forced by the other prisoners to push his boobs together and sing ‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’ with his pants down.”

Marvin Gaye – Grapevine

“Classic wine reference. Marvin Gaye has one of the most soulful voices in pop. I’m a huge fan of that whole Motown movement in general. It’s paved the way for pretty much every pop song ever written since.”

The Smiths – Meat Is Murder

“Delicious tasty murder… I’ve enjoyed The Smiths for years but only realised how important they were once descending upon England as my new home. Johnny Marr is undeniably an absolute genius and their short-lived partnership was insanely fruitful.”

Fat White Family - Champagne Holocaust

“Champagne is an essential food group for the elite. Fat White Family are the recent spearhead representing basically anyone who is not rich, but particularly the poorer and working classes. They are an essential band and put on a disgustingly beautiful live show.”

Supertramp – Breakfast In America

“The most important meal of the day: Supertramp. SO MANY BANGERS in this brekkie. Amazing songwriting and important messages galore. The Logical Song, famously and proudly remixed by Scooter in his Stadium Techno Experience, so much hilarity.”

50 Cent – Candy Shop

“I don’t think any joke was more ironic than when 50 Cent was declared bankrupt. I mean, it is obviously bullshit and a brilliant PR stunt, but still. I’d let him take me to the candy shop. The dude has a video game about his life, for God’s sake.”

The Strangeloves – I Want Candy

“Just another 60s banger by a bunch of producers who invented a band called The Strangeloves and pretended they were sheep farmers. Weird idea but it obviously worked.”

Mac Demarco – Salad Days

“If this album was a person, you would make friends with Salad Days. So lovely, enchanting and chilled, this album is great for any occasion where you just want to relax. That’s a bloody good friend if you ask me!”

Animal House’s new EP, Hot Bodies, is available now. Check out the video to new single Coca Cola below.

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