The 10 best bands from Canada, as chosen by Obey The Brave

Obey The Brave
Obey The Brave (Image credit: Charlie Baron)

This month Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a country, so we thought we’d ask one of its own native sons to give us the low down on some of the best bands to ever grace the land of Mounties and maple syrup.

Alex Erian, frontman for Obey The Brave (and Despised Icon) took up the challenge and as you’ll see below, it’s not the most metal playlist you’ve ever heard. But, to be fair, The Weeknd rules.


None So Vile will forever be one of my favourite albums. Cryptopsy are one of the fastest and most extreme death metal bands of all time. I started out as a drummer, and Crypto were a big influence for me back then. You can hear it in some of Despised Icon’s music. Years later, we actually did a few of our first US tours with them.”

Comeback Kid

“Comeback Kid got me into melodic hardcore. It’s always a pleasure touring with them – I’ve got lots of respect for these guys.”


“A band that rarely play festivals because they don’t want to be associated with big corporations and endorsements – now that’s punk rock! Great musicianship paired with a strong message.”

The Weeknd

“The modern-day Michael Jackson. Soulful and raw, The Weeknd is a nice change of pace from all that heavy music we hear on tour 247. Just grab an apple from catering, dip in your stash from that last Holland show, kick back and relax while listening to Starboy.”


“I still remember listening to Obscura for the first time and being amazed by how fucking different it was from everything else out there. They literally broke all the rules and came up with a new style of extreme music.”

Misery Signals

“It’s a known fact that Of Malice And The Magnum Heart is one of the best metalcore albums of all time. Technical, yet still catchy and melodic, it feels like a few current post-hardcore bands are still trying to emulate that sound. One of the only Canadian bands that I can think of that were signed to Ferret Records, which was huge back then.”


“Talk all the shit you want. Drake’s got the flow and the voice.”

Ion Dissonance

“These guys are some of my best friends. We grew up in the same scene, got signed and started touring at the same time. Kevin (McCaughey, vocals) and I were even roommates for five years. On top of featuring on almost every Obey The Brave and Despised Icon album, Kev also filled in on vocals for Despised Icon on a couple tours. I briefly did vocals for Ion Dissonance on a tour as well. Lots of inbreeding – you get the picture. Ion Dissonance’s new album Cast The First Stone is out now on Good Fight Music. Check it!”

Beneath The Massacre

“Witness the creative force of weed. Beneath The Massacre’s music is crushing, relentless and so technical. Good luck to anyone trying to cover them, ha ha!”

Simple Plan

“Although their latest material is less aligned with my musical taste, I have to admit that their first two albums are a guilty pleasure. Pop-punk at it’s best!”

Obey The Brave are hitting the UK at the following dates:

16 Jul: Boston Music Room, London
17 Jul: Hobo, Bridgend

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