Swiss post-metallers Abraham journey to the end of time

Abraham promo pic 2018

Heard of the Swiss pop-punk scene? Of course not, because Swiss bands clearly have better things to do with their time, like craft vast-sounding, hugely ambitious and most likely utterly crushing albums that sound like they’re trying to realign their native Alps. Lausanne’s Abraham are the latest in a long tradition that stretches back from their hometown heroes The Young Gods to the likes of Triptykon and Schammasch, and like the latter, they’ve embarked on a mindboggling, multi-disc concept album that’s determined to take you to the limit of human experience, and beyond.

Way beyond, in the case of Abraham’s third album. Released via Pelgaic Records on May 11, Look, Here Comes The Dark! may have a slightly comedic title (the band used to be know as Le Baron Vampire, so at least they have form in this regard), but it’s a deadly serious and far-reaching endeavour, taking the apocalypse merely as a starting point. Over the course of four vinyl discs – or nigh-on two hours – it proceeds to imagine the aftermath through four consecutive periods, from civilisation’s downfall, through the reclamation of nature and fungal consciousness to barren wasteland, each period outlined with a corresponding, atmospheric shift in their heaving post-metal.

The band themselves, have this to say on the matter:

"The time is now: welcome grief, do not wallow in despair. Cities everywhere are laid to waste.
The time is now. Mother Earth reclaims what is hers. The last remnants of civilization suffocate under carnivorous plants.
The time is now. A gigantic mycelium dissolves all life on this ungodly rock.
The time is now: look, here comes the dark."

If the end of all things seems like a tantalising prospect, be tantalised no more because we have a stream of Look, Here Comes The Dark! in its full, all-devouring glory. So let’s not waste time, but let time waste you, and all you hold dear - and give yourself to the destructive might of Abraham below!

Check out Abraham's Facebook page  and pre-order Look, Here Comes The Dark!

Jonathan Selzer

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