Steam Summer Sale scheduled for next month?

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Steam Logo (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

It looks like the Steam Summer Sale is scheduled to happen at the end of next month if the latest leak is to be believed.

A Reddit user by the name of MrFreemanBBQ has posted a screen grab that he claims to be from a confidential Valve email containing the start and end dates for the 2016 Steam Summer Sale. The image features an email predominately in English but the month names are bizarrely written in Russian Cyrillic script for some reason.

If the leak is genuine the Steam Summer Sale will run from the 24th of June until the 4th of July and will probably have some kind of Independence Day theme.

MrFreemanBBQ has a decent track record for being correct on leaks of this nature and the Steam Summer Sale last year ran over a similar period last year so it’s probably fairly certain that the leak is true.

If you’re not familiar with the Steam Summer Sale, it’s when the world’s largest PC games store (125M active users and counting) offers games at such ridiculous prices that otherwise rational people buy huge quantities of games they’ll never get around to playing - and are grateful for the opportunity.