Roger Waters: "David Gilmour's got a terrible sense of humour..."

“The road narrative was an idea I had after we’d shot the live footage and we were some way through editing it,” says Waters of the two story telling components that make up Roger Waters The Wall.

One is the complex and dazzling live show that sold out arenas and stadiums all around the world, the other is the personal trip he undertook through European to visit his grandfather’s grave and the place where his father had been killed in the Second World War. The DVD edition also includes the journey he takes to visit the memorial to fallen freedom fighter and war poet, Frank Thompson.

“I knew there was something missing, something that could enhance the whole experience and illuminate the message of the film more. And I reminded my self that I’d never seen my grandfather’s grave or seen my father’s name on the memorial where he fell, so I thought I’d go visit, but the car and the journey is magical some way, so I could use that to tell other stories and have conversations with people.”

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Roger Waters: The Wall

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