Rock Icons: Ronnie James Dio by Jack Black

Ronnie James Dio in 1983
Look out!: Ronnie James Dio in 1983 (Image credit: Mark Weiss\/Getty)

What can you say about Ronnie James Dio? He’s a true rock icon.

We’d worked with him before, on his music video for Push. He came in months before we filmed his scene in [Tenacious D’s film The Pick Of Destiny] and arrived at 10 in the morning.

His voice was so powerful that first time he sung his part, he blew up the microphone. Luckily, he had brought his own microphone, this NASA-tested mic that can pass the wind tunnel test of his vocal ability. And of course, he also brought along his hardcore heavy metal theatricality.

Dio was the master. He was the Pavarotti of heavy metal vocalists. [He had] soaring melodies and a lion’s roar to match. He was also one of the coolest guys I’ve ever had the honour of meeting. No one could touch his brilliance… on or off the stage.

One of my favourite things about his performance in the The Last In Line music video where he’s just singing right into the camera. He’s giving you the rock and you believe it. He was a real legit dark power.

Ronnie James Dio: 1942-2010

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