Proggers Touchstone preview their UK dates

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With more than a decade of recording and gigging behind them, co-founding guitarist Adam Hodgson sets the scene as the British progressive rockers now fronted by a Pole continue their latest rebirth.

The departures of keyboardist Rob Cottingham and vocalist Kim Seviour must have been a big setback?

Yeah. It had been on the cards with Kim because she was struggling with ME, and Rob’s interest had been waning. He had wanted to do a solo project, so when Kim left he decided to go too.

After fourteen years together, some might have made a brand new start.

We did consider forming a new male-fronted band called Entity, and held some auditions, but we’ve built that brand for so long we thought sod it, let’s carry on.

Tell us about Aggie Figurska.

She’s the singer and writer we’d been looking for. She’s so passionate – to the point where I get scared because she knows the songs better than I do.

And where did you find Liam Holmes?

We auditioned lots of keyboard players, but Liam was recommended by John Mitchell [of Lonely Robot and Frost*]. He’s an amazing musician.

How has them coming into the band changed the sound?

In the past there was a tendency to overdo the keyboards. Liam is quite a pragmatic player; he’s given us a bit more space. Aggie comes from the theatre and her voice is very powerful. Not that Kim wasn’t, but she’s more of a performer.

Why does your current EP, Lights From The Sky, have a Polish-language version of its title track?

I’m a fan of Rammstein – it doesn’t matter that I haven’t a clue what they’re singing. We’ve already had a bit of success in that market and there’s a standing invitation to do the song on breakfast TV in Poland, which would be a big bonus.

When will we get the fifth album?

By the end of summer the material should be ready, but there’s no rush. It may be early next year.

Touchstone play London’s Boston Music Room on June 30.

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