Prepare yourselves for the weird and wonderful world of Moviestar

A press shot of moviestar

“Intergalactic archeologists” Moviestar, AKA the Norwegian alt.rock outfit made up of Infinity Vik, The Octopus Goddess and Anaconda, are streaming the video for their new single, Stupid People, exclusively on TeamRock.

The video – which is sure to please fans of retro gaming – follows the trio on a mission through time and space, set to the backdrop of their futuristic electro-rock. In terms of the band, their sound, and their general outlook on life, it’s really better to let them speak for themselves, so you can catch our chat with them, along with the video, below.

What’s the story behind Stupid People, and how did it come about?

“When we first came through the wormhole in 2016, that dreadful year, we were shocked to see people of this time acting like total morons. It’s our first impressions of the people of today, the general consensus, and the time we’re in. Everything is totally stupid. People want stupid things, they seek and crave stupid things. Humanity seems to be in the midst of a downward spiral. For example, when we landed we saw this drunk girl sitting on the pavement pissing with huge boobs, huge lips and a so called “camel toe”. We later learnt that people actually inflict these animalistic traits to their bodies through surgery. Fake boobs, fake lips and fake camel toe. We were appalled.

In addition, none of today’s prophets had foreseen the arrival of the three of us: Infinity Vik, The Octopus Goddess and Anaconda. We were very disappointed, and had to introduce ourselves through the song – though our next single Chosen Ones is truly the prophecy about the coming of Moviestar explained in detail. We hope TeamRock will like it.”

Right… Can you briefly explain the concept of the video and what inspired it?

“The Video was produced, directed and edited by Jack Pullman and Moviestar. Jack Pullman explains: ‘It was a complete misunderstanding. There was never supposed to be puppets involved at all. And this Super Mario cop-out in coloured cardboard, which it is now… I thought I was organising a 1985 pop culture party, but I only know puppet people, so I only invited puppeteers and puppet-makers. Of course, it turned into a puppet rampage. I had to go into hiding to recover for a few months to recover.’”

Thank you, that… that makes total sense. What’s your favourite story or memory from recording the video? It looks like it was a lot of fun to be involved in…

Infinity Vik: “Well, my fondest memory was that Jeremy Who did not show up for the shoot. If you follow us on YouTube, we will leak a lot of exclusive behind the scenes material, because it was such a shit show. The director was really shit, I made her cry. She told me I was a bad actor, and I told her she was a terrible director. And she cried. I win. Jack Pullman was a total pushover, which made him easy to work with when Jeremy was not around.

Another good memory was that we shot the movie in Hollywood where Jack is from, which is really cool. So obviously I suggested we get Marilyn Monroe involved. But Jack told me she was dead, which was very uncool. I am starting to learn that I think I would have preferred the 30s or the 60s – when the old gods were in their prime.”

You have a pretty out there backstory. Care to explain it for those who aren’t yet clued in?

“Yes, our backstory is pretty out there. From pretty out there in space and time that is… Well, basically, it’s pretty simple you see: we are archeologists from the distant future, more precisely the year 5523. We were chosen to go back in time to save the future of mankind and womankind by the cunning use of rock’n’roll. In a now distant future (2792-2813) the so called Metal Wars will be fought on our home planet Fenris, the last safe haven of mankind and womankind. In those fatal wars, the so-called STONE was destroyed. The STONE was all of the cultural heritage the peoples of earth brought with them on the Ark-Craft when they had to leave Earth. All the music, movies, books (i.e. Holy Documents) we have in our future time are just fragments of what once was. It is our task to prevent the Metal Wars from taking place, thus saving the STONE for our future children. This is our mission on Earth. Rock’n’roll will save our souls and prevent the evil spirit of Ronny Scorpio from luring future minds into hatred and conflict.

War and conflict is for impotent, power-greedy bastards of hate. Fuck that. Love is the answer. But people of the now would not know that because of the extreme shortcoming of the human spirit in the present. The Higgs Boson can only be discovered when man and woman understands that emotional consciousness is the answer to unlocking and harvesting the seeds of our common galactic soil.”

What do you hope people will take from the single, and your music in general?

“Hopefully that the people will grow into something better than they are when they hear the music and see the video. Where there is darkness, we seek to bring light. Where there is pain, we seek to bring joy, and so forth. You see, when we were growing up, in the future, we used to get “inside stories” from the elders. We used to watch and when we watched we learned the Lovercall. Love is the prime currency of the future. The more love you hold, the happier you are. We do not learn maths and grammar in school. We learn to love. Guns are a weapons of war, rock’n’roll is a weapon of peace. Peace is love – we come in peace. But peace is dangerous, because then the lucky 1% go broke, which in turn will make the rest of us be able to enjoy Champagne for a fraction of the cost every day at breakfast. Rock’n’roll is also dangerous. EDM is limp. A lot of rockers die at 27. EDMers don’t. Why do you think that is? Obviously cause the rock is the weapon and the EDM is the distraction. Conclusion: we seek to put the danger back into rock’n’roll! And we want to make you dance!”

What do you have lined up for next?

“Evolution. But first; revolution. All men and women must hold hands and try to extinguish the hate and greed of our time. Once they manage to do that, they will know the true meaning of life. Sex is not what many confuse with Self Exterior Xenophobia. If you sex the world you sex yourself. See? Then we go back to safe haven Norway, to prepare for the ultimate album release 9th of February 2018. Special invitation only… TeamRock is invited of course. But don’t tell anyone.”

You can catch Moviestar on tour in the UK at one of the dates below:

Oct 6: VIP Blackmarket, Hastings, UK
Oct 7: The Flower Pot, Maidstone, UK
Oct 9: The Rialto Theatre, Brighton, UK
Oct 10: The Ballroom, Canterbury, UK
Oct 12: Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, Brighton, UK
Oct 13: The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich, UK
Oct 19: Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, UK
Oct 21: The Prince Albert, Stroud, UK
Oct 22: Workshop & The Road Trip, London, UK