Playgrounded talk us through their new album The death of Death

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Greek dark atmospheric prog rock quintet Playgrounded release their second album, The death of Death through Pelagic Records this Friday, March 18.

"The group mix Porcupine Tree-esque introspection and swelling post-rock atmosphere," wrote Prog writer Chris Cope in his review of the album in issue 127, adding that "Playgrounded have found their identity - mournful yet galvanising, and certainly deserving of a wider audience."

Here the band talk us through each track on the new album, and we've included videos and streams for the relevant tracks.

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The Swan

The lyrics set the premise for the rest of the album: desperate or fascinating, one's relation to the world that surrounds us is grounded to the very matter of which we are made.


In Rituals, the unfolding of the song depends heavily on the dilation and contraction of a single musical phrase. By dilating the main bass synth line and relating it to other musical elements we create extended themes. By contracting it, we find new sonic qualities in terms of rhythm and timbre. We listen to Rituals as a constant fluctuation between electronic and instrumental elements, odd rhythms and pulses, repetition and change.

The death of Death

An integral creative contradiction drives, binds and emerges in the meaning of music and speech: The association between the one and the many. From it, several others are derived and brought to life. Two hands, music and speech, toil as one, to seek the death of Death.

Tomorrow's Rainbow

The lyrics for the chorus were inspired by the death of an activist, its words found their space for more interpretations. For yet another time in history we are witnessing the pinnacle of conflict between the rich and powerful of the East and West, resulting in suffering and death for the oppressed of this world. Under the darkest clouds our voice speaks for peace, dignity, solidarity and respect for one another. For finding what's common.

A Road Out Of The Flood

A Road Out Of The Flood explores the ebb and flow on the sensation of movement following the lyrics' dark storytelling. It unfolds in several, almost equal musical blocks. Their succession and connection is driven by what is happening inside them.  Slow. Gradual or abrupt. Intense. Calm and inviting. Somewhere in between.

Our Fire

Our Fire focuses on the inevitable evolution of personal and collective boundaries. Where they become transparent and inclusive of others. A place where questioning, understanding and creation converge. An invitation to act and embrace change.