Ozzy Osbourne: the ultimate True Or False quiz – the answers

So you think you know Ozzy Osbourne, the star of the brand new issue of Metal Hammer magazine?  But how well did you really do on our fiendish True Or False quiz? Here are the answers…

1. Of course it’s true, and arguably the most famous anecdote in metal history. Ozzy still claims he thought the bat – thrown onstage at a gig in Iowa in January ’82 – was fake.

2. False – he pissed near the Alamo, but the story that he peed directly onto the Texan war monument isn’t technically true. He was wearing that dress, though.

3. True, according to Sharon at least – Ozzy insists he doesn’t remember it. He also pissed in the wine and performed a Nazi goose step. Oh dear.

4. False – it was at a dinner hosted by George Snr’s son, George W. In fairness, ‘Dubya’ did give Ozzy a call-out from the stage, so it wasn’t totally unprompted.

5. True, and it’s another notorious one, taking place in a meeting with CBS records in 1981. Let’s just say animal charities probably weren’t too keen on our Ozz in the 80s.

6. False. We just made that up. We can imagine a lot of people wanted to punch Axl in the 80s and early 90s, though…

7. True. The statue was created by Jim Mendiola and Ruben Ortiz-Torres in honour of that aforementioned near-the-Alamo incident. It also looked freaky as shit.

8. True. It happened at Ozzy’s Buckinghamshire home in 2004, with the robber making off with Sharon’s wedding rings in the middle of the night. “It could have been a lot worse,” Ozzy noted after. We imagine the burglar thought the same.

9. False. Happily, the Osbournes’ dogs are some of the animals who’ve escaped Ozzy’s, um, appetite.

10. False. That’d be mental. Though he did once ink a couple of smiley faces onto his own knees.

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