Oceano Tour Diary: Part Two

Well folks, it’s Kasper here reporting live and direct from the department of “Naw Im Saaynnns?” – otherwise known as the back of the Oceano tour rig – with another instalment of our tour diary!

Right out of the gate we want to express what an interesting second half of the tour this has been. Turnouts and interactions for every band on this package have been nothing less than awesome! Being with bands from other countries for Oceano and (myself especially) is always fun.

Clockwise from left: Myself, Jake and Josh from Boris The Blade, Tom from Lorna Shore, Anthony from The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Adam from Oceano, Austin from Lorna shore.

As a chef and a recovering fat-ass, I tend to get overexcited about food spots in our favourite cities and always suggesting awesome the local treats… Unfortunately, on a sidenote, half of the tour package were hit with a stomach bug or flu-like symptoms – I will not name any restaurants, but from my experience as a food service professional it seemed like food poisoning.

The last two shows of the tour resembled the rollercoaster barf scene from the movie The Sandlot, it was pretty insane. Over the last leg of this tour I was fortunate enough to be able to put my culinary degree to good use, making biscuits and gravy, BBQ ribs, stuffing and quiche just to name a few – no-one got sick after eating my food, I promise!

The Easter weekend was nice and gave us time to recharge our batteries. Even though we didn’t get to go home, we still managed to make the best of it. Beer pong, season nine of Trailer Park Boys, bottle tokes, baseball opening day, good food and vintage video games were in full swing! Adam (our singer) always has an unreal rotation of Nintendo games (earning him the nickname ‘Dad’ or ‘Gramps’), these games are awesome reminders of my childhood, even if I can only stand to play these games for 10-15 minutes at a time.

Lastly and most importantly our new record Ascendants is out now on iTunes! Thanks for the amazing support over the first week of sales! Until next time – direct from the belly of the rig – Oceano signing off!