Nick Mason Talks To The Classic Rock Magazine Show

“This album is not a complete homage to Rick, but there’s an element of it”, says Nick Mason to Nicky Horne on The Classic Rock Magazine Show, “but it’s certainly an opportunity to redress the balance about how much Rick is recognised as part of what we do.”

In an extensive and exclusive interview, Mason talks to Nicky Horne about The Endless River, playing at Live 8, and why the band once fired Rick Wright only to hire him back again so that he became the only member to make cash from The Wall tour.

“I’m not sure we underestimated Rick”, Nick Mason tells Horne. “It’s one of those things you have with pop groups, as I like to think of us, there’s never enough credit to go around. Rick just lost out, but he was such an important part to what we do. And thinking back to when he was fired from the band, being wise after the event, we shouldn’t have let that happen. But we were all in an over stressed situation and the feeling was that Rick was not pulling his weight.”

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Philip Wilding

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