New Xbox One hardware to debut at E3?

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Xbox One Hardware Update Expected (Image credit: Microsoft)

Several new reports are claiming that Microsoft will announce a new smaller Xbox One. According to the one trusted Xbox source it will be 40% smaller than the current Xbox One and will include a new 2TB hard-drive.

Also on the rumour slate is the possibility of Microsoft showing off a new Xbox Media Stick streaming TV service, similar to the Chromecast or the Amazon Fire Stick designed for folks who like the media features of the Xbox One.

Finally there are rumours of an entirely new Xbox console on the cards. The device apparently has a codename and is slated to be announced and released in 2017. It ’s expected to be significantly more powerful than the current Xbox One with increased graphical processing power to support 4K gaming and the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device.

The rumours come courtesy of technology site The Verge and gaming site Kotaku.