Nanowar Of Steel's Norwegian Reggaeton is the weirdest sh*t you'll see all year

Nanowar Of Steel
(Image credit: YouTube)

We see some crazy shit on the internet, but this music video for Nanowar of Steel trumps pretty much everything we've seen all year.

Described as a heavy metal comedy band, Nanowar of Steel (obviously a pun on Manowar) hail from Rome, Italy and are known for satirising "true heavy metal", of which Manowar happen to be the defenders of. 

This time they've targeted the "trve" metal, that is Norwegian black metal. Lyrics that reference the likes of Varg (he also gets burned in the video – pun intended) Hellhammer, Fenriz and Darkthrone – oh and a ton of clichés to do with Norway thrown in for comic effect – are rapped and sung over a Latin-pop melody, a sound they've dubbed "Norweigan Reggaeton".

It essentially sounds like Despacito with a few chugging guitars – could this be the next hit of the summer? Surely it beats that ketchup song?

Check it out below!