Metal Hammer's music videos of the year

It’s not enough to release a single nowadays, in the 21st century you need a visual medium to keep our short attention spans focussed long enough to… HEY LOOK OVER THERE! Ahem. Anyway, these are the best music videos the Metal Hammer office have chosen as the best of 2015.

Merlin Alderslade (Deputy Editor)

Parkway Drive – Vice Grip
“If the jump-off during ‘Give it all you’ve got!’ doesn’t make you want to punch the sun then you are dead inside. Dead.”

Dom Lawson (Editor-At-Large)

Primus – Candyman
“Plasticine-based videos are my favourite. This one is not just plasticine-based but also 100% barking mad. Primus went full Wonka.”

Jonathan Selzer (Reviews/Subterranea Editor)

A Forest Of Stars – Drawing Down The Rain
“Forest Of Stars videos are so visually rich and their worlds so fully realised they ought to be entered for the Animated Shorts category of the Oscars. A quest through a psychedelic, abandoned dystopia, Drawing Down Rain is mentally and emotionally searing, and for sheer visionary audacity, skill and storytelling beauty, no other video this year is going to come anywhere close.”

Lewis Somerscales (Art Editor)

Clutch – X-Ray Visions
“It’s the perfect video for a great track. Funny, stylish and generally just looks great.”

Eleanor Goodman (Features Editor)

Sikth – Philistine Philosophies
“Complete with mystical trees, a screaming crow and vibrant colours, Mikee Goodman’s vision for Philistine Philosophies plays out like a fantastical dream.”

Alexander Milas (Editor-In-Chief)

King Parrot – Like A Rat
“I don’t know if it’s seeing Phil Anselmo hamming it up or just the general silliness of King Parrot’s vibe that kept me going back to this, but there’s an element of fun and brilliance here reminiscent of classic videos like Suicidal Tendencies Institutionalised or Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It that’s too-frequently forgotten in our over-analysed, highly-dissected modern media age. King Parrot themselves are a revelation having seen them rip the ass off an Australian crowd at Soundwave (RIP) earlier this year.”

Luke Morton (Online Editor)

Marilyn Manson – Deep Six
“Directed by surrealist Bart Hess, it’s as creepy as it is overtly ‘arty’. Lots of freakish black liquid sucking in everything it touches including ol’ Mazza himself, leaving him looking like a gothic viper made of rubber. Mesmerising and bewildering in equal measure.”

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