Man makes Bohemian Rhapsody video with one note and 13 seconds of footage

Rob Scallion plays Bohemian Rhapsody

Renowned internet axe hero Rob Scallon is back with his latest musical adventure, and this time he’s tackling Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody armed only with his trusty guitar, a computer mouse and a coffee mug.

Using an original 13-second sequence in which he plays a note on his guitar, thumps his mouse mat, taps his mouse on the table and slams that coffee mug down, Scallon painstakingly assembled his cover of Bohemian Rhapsody note-by-note, speeding up or slowing down the audio in order to hit the right notes.

“The sound and video edits here were actually done separately for the sake of sanity,” says Scallion. “But everything within the audio is from that first 13 seconds of footage using pretty minimal audio editing. Each note is just speeding up or slowing down that original note to get different pitches, hence why the high notes are so short. The drums had some EQ to them, and everything got reverb and a bit of mastering.”

The end result, assembled with patience-testing skill, has a Bontempi-esque feel that’s a world away from Queen’s multi-track original, but it does have a large amount of primitive charm.

Scallon has previously crossed our path with a number of different videos. There was the one where he created the most brutal metal breakdown ever. There was the one where he played Slayer on a ukulele. There was the one where he played Rage Against The Machine on a shovel.

And that’s not all. He’s played Metallica’s Enter Sandman backwards. He’s played every Metallica song in just four minutes. He’s played Metallica on a banjo.

And he’s played metal in inappropriate places.

Rob Scallon: you’re a nutter, but we love you.

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